55 Princess Street

Augmented Real estate marketing – A simple to use, intuitive user experience, taking property viewing to the next level of realism and interactivity. See your new office, from your old office without even stepping outside. A cutting edge innovation for marketing properties, that uses the latest in Augmented Reality to deliver an exciting experience. The 55 Princess Street app is the ultimate information source when you are looking for office space in Manchester. This free app allows you to easily find out about and explore 55 Princess Street through Augmented Reality, meaning you can view the internal floors of the building for yourself, without having to leave your office.

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Through the easy to use, comprehensive navigation, you can:

  • view the location and surrounding area in maps.
  • with zoom functionality
  • view the current availability
  • scroll through the image gallery
  • review the specification
  • contact the agents directly from your mobile.


What’s more!
Using Augmented Reality, through your phone’s camera, it is possible to interact with the brochure, other printed materials, walls and floor tiles inside the building. Use the app to watch the 55 Princess Street video and view the current available floor spaces for yourself – take a 360, panoramic tour around the floor and view high-density layout space options, giving you an idea of what your potential offices could look like at 55 Princess Street.


This innovative technology means you can see the entire area as it could be, populated with desks, chairs and office equipment, instead of having to rely on looking at printed floor spaces. This way, you get the opportunity to visualise the space yourself – without having to be in the building.


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