London Bus Live: Merging “Open Data” with “Augmented Reality”

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Real Time Bus Schedule

Real Time Bus Schedule






Introducing “London Bus Live”, an app for visitors and residents in London. It provides information about bus stops around you, along with bus schedules and service delays literally in your palm. This Junaio Channel uses Live  Open Data for buses from Transport For London and combines it with Augmented Reality, which is considered the Eighth Mass Medium by Tomi Ahonen.

What does it do?

This Location Based Augmented Reality application gets information about bus stops within 250 meters radius of the user’s location. The information fetched is then overlaid on the real world while viewing the surroundings through your mobile phone camera. So the user can get to know the name of  the bus stop and how far it is just by looking around him/her. Further, by touching the Bus Stop Billboards the information about bus schedules is made available to the user (shown on the right). This includes the list of all bus routes operating via that bus stop. Additionally, information about bus service delays is also displayed.


How can you use it?

  1. Install Junaio from Google Play or  App store
  2. Now search for “London Bus Live” channel and open it. Alternatively, you could also scan the QR code below and get access to the channel.
  3. Now view information about bus stops around you and get real time information about bus schedule and service delays.
  4. If you like the channel then add it to your favorites.


London being a huge city and with thousands of tourists/business travelers visiting the city every year, the problem of finding bus stops around you could be a challenge (even while looking into the 2D maps). We aim to create value for the community by addressing this challenge in London’s public transportation, by introducing “London Bus Live”.

Hope you enjoy using it. We would love to hear from you. We are reachable at